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Show me the product.

So to those who wanted to know more about our production, you can head to http://thelastminuteproduction.wordpress.com.

You can see our process of the video, and other little stuff.

And you can also watch the finished product.

But to save you time and having your fingers ache to click another button,

may I present to you…THE BEGINNING.

but first….

Have a look at our OST for the video, which by the way we didn’t actually make. It’s just a video cover. So please don’t sue us KRU Productions.

And now, the real video,… enjoyy!



The End is Now!

Arrrgghhhhhh!!!!! The end is here, the Mayans prediction were right after all! It is the end. The end of the class.

Haha, sorry for the exaggeration. I noticed that our video premier day, or as Umi renamed it, EduTechnovation Day, is the same day as the prediction of the end of the world, 21/12/12. Well, the Mayans were right for one thing. It was the end, but the end for our class for the semester.

So for the last class of the semester, it have to be awesome. Our Edutechnovation Day was filled with fun, laughter and also a little tiny bit of sadness.

We start off the class with a speech from the Dean of Faculty of Education, Prof. Lilia Halim. A few words of encouragement, and a talk of support for our work. And then, the video premier of each group started.

The first group to volunteer to showcase their project was from MeranMuvees Production group. Their group video was about the generation gap that seem to appear these days. The video was super awesome. And showing every groups talent? Wow. I like how they actually show how different the generation nowadays with the generation Back Then, which by the way was their title for the video.


Next group to present was from the Kita Kita Production. This group is all about the environment! They really have a clear message in their video. Their video shows how we have neglect to care about our environment and we have left it rot there without any care. Their videos even have interviews from grocers talking about storm floods that are caused by pollution, making them suffer a huge loss. It was soo cool, and they even inserted a scene of Ong dancing, a very inspirational shot indeed.


Then, we move on to another proup, Futurama Films. For this group, I was amazed at their determination on proving their message to the viewers. Their video was about having a healthy and productive living. To show the viewers about the advantage of it, they went for a hike to Bukit Broga. Yes, the whole team went for a hike to prove their message to the viewers. How cool is that? And they also add a few interviews of other hikers to strengthen their point. And in the end, add a few videos and snapshots of other cool activities in order to motivate us to have a healthy living. I was soo mesmerized at the paragliding part. Gahh, want to do that someday!


Then, we have the ShaFaSaFiRaTin Production talking about friendship. This group was known for having doing cool videos since the beginning of time. They are very creative in producing their videos, and I hear, their producer is a perfectionist, which is quite awesome since everything is perfect! Their video was soo cute. They didn’t even have to show the faces, but we as the viewers can feel their closeness towards each other in their friendship. It was soo cute, with the cookies, and the bonds, and the narrations also.. I was quite impressed with how much they can show their bond from only us looking at the back of their heads. Haha.


We move on to the next group, the amazing Cha Cha Creations. Yes, this group had me go ga-ga instead of cha cha since their video was soo awesome. They used stop motion technique which from my past experience was quite difficult. You need full concentration and patience to do this kind of video. But they nailed it! Their video Rukhsah Solat. Yes, a simple topic but put a very huge impact on each of us. Even the tutors were impressed. Their message was simple and clear. And also very cute. They didn’t even act in the video. They put little cut outs of drawings and characters and have everybody narrate the story. It was so awesome.


Last but no least, our own production group, TheLastMinute Production. Well, our whole story is mainly about friendship too. About how friendship are not as easy as it seems, that every friendship have their ups and downs. Our video was about a lecturer trying to explain about friendship to his student through his own experience. He told them about is past experience with his best friends at university and how they get through their hardships. He just wanted to teach them something about how every relationship have its own advantages and disadvantages. So f course, I will said our group was the best among them all. Weeee


So yeah. our Edutechnovation Day was awesome, superb, excellent! Every thing good that you can dig up in the dictionary! Everybody was awesome, the day was great, the food was stupendous! It was a jolly good day.

I love the whole session of the class. I would like to thank Umi Rosseni and all the tutors involved for their hard work in order to educate these TESL students. I know, TESL students can be a handful, but that what makes us special. Hehe. All and all, it was a very awesome semester, thank you all!

13th Week Reflection…

Assalamualaikum people!

Okay okay..contain your excitement. We have one more week until our premier day, so better finish up everything now. Video, posters, etc. etc.

Talking about posters…err.. we haven’t done ours yet. We were too caught up with our video shooting and editing that we forget to even make our poster. Hehe

So to help us with the poster making, Mr Helmi taught us how to use Photoshop! Yay yay yay yay! I love using Photoshop, it’s because Photoshop have many features to use to edit pictures, and make em look cooler and awesomer! *Ignore my bad vocab, I am just excited.

I had learn about Photoshop before by learning them on the super-duper Mr Google! Mr Google had helped me a lot in teaching me a lot of stuff. So I know my way around Photoshop when Mr Helmi said to push what button, and go to what tab. I feel awesome. Haha

Well today, Mr Helmi just taught us the basic. Most of my awesome classmates are really good at editing pictures, but still, it is a good add up information to learn about Photoshop, because Photoshop can do you wonders.

Mr Helmi taught us about layers, the different brushes available, the lasso tool (which I found really cool and very useful), and also the filters. Yeah, Photoshop is soo cool. There are like 1001 possibilities that you can do with this thing.

I am still learning like a noob and trying my hardest to understand them all. So thank you Mr Helmi for the shortcuts, the tips and the do’s and don’ts. It was a very fun day. Although my mood wasn’t that good due to lack of sleep these couple of days. But still, the class is still what I look forward every week.

12th Week Reflection

Assalamualaikum and greetings again fellow earthlings.

So today, let see.. We have 3 different tutors for three different sessions on the 2hour class. Seems quite hectic isn’t it? Well, it is nearly the end of the semester. So we have to complete everything on the syllabus as soon as possible!

For the first session, we have Puan Haz to give a talk about CASPER! Yay! Okay okay, it’s not that Casper, the friendly ghost you used to watch on TV as a child. This CASPER stands for a technique used in presentations and also in websites. CASPER is actually a combination of acronyms.

C – Contrast – The principle of contrast states that if two items are not exactly alike make them different

A – Alignment – Alignment is the idea that while items are separated by idea and space (the principle of proximity) they are still all part of the same page

S – Simplicity – Although gaining attention is an important part of any communication act, it is important to try to keep your message as simple as possible

P – Proximity – The principle of proximity states that things, which are closer together, will be seen as belonging together

E – Emphasis – One method used to attract attention in the design of a screen or work of art is the use of a focal point

R – Repetition – Repetition is the idea that consistency can be gained by repeating elements throughout a page or series of pages.

Source: http://www.smksyp1.com/notaict/modul_ppk/modul5.pdf

Next, we have Puan Aidah to give a talk on Information Skills. Well, I certainly love her talk. As far as I can remember, Pn Aidah never gave a talk for our classes before. I would remember if she did. This is because she is very enthusiastic. Although I can sense a little nervousness in her a few brief moments, but she did well. She was very funny, happy, and enthusiastic lah. But I’m sorry to say, I just don’t get any information out of her, because of my easily distracted self. I am very easy to be distracted at some thing, and lose focus easily. Although I did enjoy her session and her jokes, I just couldn’t quite remember what was Pn Aidah was trying to say. I am very sorry Pn Aidah. 😦

Lastly, we were to learn Adobe Premier Pro with Mr Helmi in order to help us with our video editing. But sadly, we have technical problems and due to lack of time, we couldn’t really learn much. But nevermind. It’s the taught that counts, right? We will just have to learn them by ourselves.. but with the help of Mr Google of course. ^.^

Well, that’s all for this week. Thank you!


11th Week Reflection

Assalamualaikum fellow Muslims and Greetings earthlings,

As we are nearing the end of the semester, we had tons, and i mean TONS *caps lock for exaggeration and hyperbole* of work to be done. And so does our video project. As we are coming towards the nearing of the semester, we need to get our video editing done!

So in order to edit our videos, the simplest way for Windows user to edit them, is by using, Windows Movie Maker!

I have use Windows Movie Maker several times before, out of boredom, so I kinda know it’s bits and pieces, of what to click and what to do with it. I am still learning using them, therefore, I might have gaps here and there.

So for this week’s class, Mr Helmi taught us the basics of using Windows Movie Maker. There are lots of other video editing software available but Windows Movie Maker is much more simple to use, plus, IT’S FREE!

Mr Helmi taught us how to import our videos, how to split them to add details, how to add musics/sounds, and how to end it with credits to the makers. He even taught us up to save the video, as some people might not know how, because they have 2 options, either you want to save them as a file that you can edit back, of you can to save them as a movie but cannot edit anymore.

The class was fun as usual, Ummi Rosseni came a bit later, and bought us souvenirs from Jordan! We learn a lot today about editing. It’s not as easy as it seems. It’s such a hard work to edit just a few minutes video, imagine editing a 2-hour movie? No wonder it’s such a bummer to the film industry that people use pirated movies instead of buying their work. Say no to piracy, buy the original!

10th Week Reflection already?

So this week, we dedicate the whole day of class to give progress report on our video project. Each group was to present their group project update either infront of the class where the whole class can see, or if you are shy, you can just call Mr Helmi and Puan Haz to check it out at our table.

Most of the groups presented in front of the class, well for my group, we were kinda shy to show ours. Looking at other groups’ work, we were trying to keep ours as low as possible. Besides, it isn’t much fun if the whole class already know the story.

So we called Mr Helmi and Puan Haz to watch what had we done so far and give comments. We basically have 70% footage already, and 30% editng of the video. No, it doesn’t mean that we are done. We are still short 30% footage, and 70% editing, and 100% promotional video. We were so caught up with the content of the video itself, that we forgot about the promotional video/trailer, and also the poster. But we are trying the best as we could to catch up on everything, classes, assignments, and quizzes. Wow, I never realize that students are superhuman, with all the multitasking. going around. *Distracted**

Anyhow, we showed our footage to Mr Helmi and Puan Haz and they didn’t have much comment. Mr Helmi seemed quite impressed, if I might say, but who knows? There are still a lot of work to be done. Mr Helmi give out some pointers on what should we improve and also what we did good. I must say that I am proud of my teammates for the job well done, although there were difficulties here and there. But mostly, it was all fun.

7th, 8th, 9th week reflection!!

For this week, I did not attend the class as I was on my journey to Pulau Pangkor for the TESL Motivational Camp with some of the UKM TESL’s batch. But even though I didn’t attend the class, I did my browsing through Adira’s and Farahafizah’s blog, and also a few others of my classmates. Soo, well, I had a few idea of what the class was learning.

But first…. The video of previous week interview is done! Here’s mine. Please don’t judge me. (~’.’)~

Well, it’s not soo bad? Is it? (=..=”) Nevermind.

Moving on.

So the class was learning about cropping videos. Before this, I thought only pictures can be cropped, I never knew that a video can be cropped too!  To crop them, we can use either Adobe Premier for Windows or i-Movie for Mac users. I never use either of them, since I never worked with video editing before, so it was quite fun for me to discover the functions of every buttons by myself. Sometimes it gets g\frustrating since I don’t even have the basics, and had to refer Google for guidance, but in the end, I did learn a few tricks here and there.

Other than video cropping, the class learned about angle of shooting. Now this is my kinda topic. In photography, you can take pictures in various angles to make it look pretty, and every angle does makes a difference. This technique also applies to video-graphy. Every angle is different, depending on how you see it.

Lastly, learning about SoundBooth. Whyyyy??!!! I wanted to learn about this software! Why must Mr Helmi taught the topic on this particular week? Why must I go to Pangkor and missed the opportunity to learn about SoundBooth. I have been looking forward to learn about Sound Booth wayy before, and since I don’t have the software on my Mr Leno, I can’t learn them myself. Soo, well, I don’t know much about SoundBooth and how to use it, I did Google it, but most of them require me to have the software and learn with step-by-step method for easier learning. But I will definitely try to master it someday, SOMEDAY!

So that’s all for the week. But I will leave you with some pictures of my Pangkor trip, just to get even that I couldn’t learn SoundBooth.

7th Week